Teddy Cash


Will the Teddy Cash protocol reward Pangolin LPs?

Yes. 1,000,000 TEDDY will be rewarded from launch (September 2, 2021) over the course of 4 weeks to LPs of the TEDDY:AVAX Pangolin pool.

Will there be rewards for LPs after the 4 week period?

There are no immediate / public plans for additional LP rewards after the 4 week bootstrapping period.

How do I earn the LP rewards?

Users can earn LP rewards by doing the following:
  • Add liquidity to the TEDDY:AVAX Pangolin pool, and get PGL tokens in exchange
  • Stake those PGL tokens into Teddy Cash's Pool2Unipool rewards contract through a Teddy Cash frontend
  • Accrue rewards proportional to the amount of staked tokens and staking time
Liquidity providers can unstake PGL tokens to exit the program (i.e., stop earning rewards) when they want.