Will the Teddy Cash protocol reward Pangolin LPs?

Yes. 3,000,000 TEDDY will be rewarded from launch (August 26, 2021) over the course of 6 weeks to LPs of the TSD:AVAX Pangolin pool.

Will there be rewards for LPs after the 6 week period?

There are no immediate / public plans for additional LP rewards after the 6 week bootstrapping period.

How do I earn the LP rewards?

Users can earn LP rewards by doing the following:

  • Add liquidity to the TSD:AVAX Pangolin pool, and get PGL tokens in exchange

  • Stake those PGL tokens into Teddy Cash's Unipool rewards contract through a Teddy Cash frontend

  • Accrue rewards proportional to the amount of staked tokens and staking time

Liquidity providers can unstake PGL tokens to exit the program (i.e., stop earning rewards) when they want.

Is my frontend's kickback rate relevant for the rewards I receive?

No. Kickback rates are only associated with Stability Pool deposits.

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